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Welcome to Iontrades.

We are building the virtual reality marketplace with 3D scanning, and multi channel ecommerce.

We are building a place for you to buy, sell, and trade real or digital items in a social virtual environment.

A place to have social interactions in 3D scanned environments, with 3D scanned items and avatars.


As of March 2016  we are still in heavy development and are preparing to open up our market for anyone to do business in.

What we are developing NOW!

For Sellers:

Using Virtual Reality we are making a platform for you to talk to customers 1 on 1. In your virtual store buyers  can interact with your 3D scanned merchandise to examine it. And you as a seller can demonstrate items or show them what they should choose.

We are making better and  faster tools for your product photography and 3D scanning with the Lite Studio. Eventually we will have integration from the Lite Studio to your store front,  where you can put an item in the Lits Studio and have it appear in your VR store in minutes.

We are making easy tools for selling on multi-channels, eBay and Amazon are still the largest e commerce platforms but selling on both at the same time is a huge pain. Our back end channels allow you to push your items to Amazon, eBay, the VR market and your Iontrades store front.

You are getting a unique way to generate recurring revenue for your business. Buy 3D scanning items you now have a digital product you will be able to sell for years and years.  Artist, game developers, advertisers, 3D printers, and teachers have a very real need for your 3D scanned items, and will pay you to use them.

For Users and Buyers:

A platform to talk to shopkeeper in their store, and get their expert advice to help you get you what your looking for, like the right size shoe, or the right tool for the job.

You can pick up items in VR and examine 1 to 1 replicas of the items, to inspect the quality better than any picture. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D model made from 120 photos is worth 120,000 words.

Examine the assets you will use for game development inside a game environment BEFORE YOU BUY!

Travelling spouses and deployed family members can go take a trip to VR market together from the other side of the globe. With 3D scanned avatars the experience will be second to only to geing in person. And all parties can even bring back a souvenoir for their user home page.

We are developing a VR user home page that isn't demoable yet.

No room for collecting antiques in your current space? No problem the VR user home page we are developing will allow you to display your items all around you.

The VR User home page we are developing will allow you to choose your 3D scanned home world and decorate it with items from the VR market.  Then invite your friends to check out your cool stuff and chat in your VR home.




Our company was founded in 2010 in Byron, Georgia, and is a private small business. We have completed thousands of transactions, with thousands of happy customers locally, nationally, and globally, and look forward to many more, hopefully with you!


From the Owner


My name is Casey Kelly, proprietor, I have been in business in Georgia since I was in grade school. We've built this company and our team now brings over 14yrs experience in e-commerce, management, and sales, to all our transactions.

We would like any potential customers to know that you are the boss and our top priority here at iontrades. Through our site here you will find the lowest prices on comon goods, rare deals on one of a kind collectibles, information and high quality photos of those goods, and photorealistic models for use in any media format games, movies, education, engineering. This is also a place for contacting me and iontrades as a whole for any needs you may have.

Thanks for stopping by our site today,

Casey Kelly